The Global Database of Human Trafficking Programs & Resources is the only comprehensive and interactive portal of programs, by country, related to trafficking efforts.

The Database is designed to capture all programs related to human trafficking, regardless of origin, in order to: (1) avoid redundancy and eliminate inefficiencies, (2) avoid waste in resources and funding, (3) determine gaps in services as well as underserved and nonserved populations, and (4) uncover best practices.

The Database is a portal from which interested parties can pull information to better inform their decisions, through which leaders can organize and coordinate anti-trafficking efforts within their own countries and easily learn about initiatives in other nations, and by which discourse and cooperation can be facilitated among the various providers, survivors, funders, and overseers.

Better data leads to better decisions, allocation of resources, and collaborative efforts. The Database contains the information top officials and activists need to better drive their initiatives and forge strong alliances with like-minded organizations. This is another step forward in facilitating global cooperation and information sharing in the fight against human trafficking.

The Database is FREE for public use and is facilitated by the Freedom First Federation (3F), a 501(c)3 human rights organization whose mission is to facilitate free and accessible collaboration, innovation, and best practices by identifying and disseminating data related to programs and initiatives that prevent human trafficking, serve trafficking survivors, and address the underlying precipitators of trafficking.

Questions regarding the Database should be sent to